The WHY behind our Shop

The WHY behind our Shop

I’ve been a sucker for heirlooms my whole life. I love family history and passing down items that hold memories, big or small. The financial value is really insignificant to me. It’s the legacy and emotional value of each piece that I find priceless. This is a value Brett shares with me and I love him for this. We’ve been entrusted with some beautiful heirlooms from our families and I would love nothing more than for my boys to cherish these items in their own homes one day.

I know so many of you share this feeling about your own families’ treasures. I wonder, in a world that is all about “seasonal” items and trending styles, have we lost our value for heritage items?

When we decided to launch our shop, this question was at the forefront of my mind. We believe there is room for everything in a home, regardless of price and style. If it speaks to you, it certainly has a space in your house. But we also believe in designing with a foundation of evergreen pieces that are versatile and timeless.  In order to keep our collection fresh but still carry a depth of legacy, we focused on sourcing three types of homewares we hope you’ll love:

What you’ll find at Phillips House Co


1.     Everyday Essentials

From serveware to throw pillows, these are everyday items with longevity that we believe look good mixed with any style. They can be mixed in with trend pieces or elegantly stand on their own.

2.      Artisan Made

Brett and I have a passion for building relationships with and celebrating fellow entrepreneurs. Naturally, we wanted our shop to have a space to showcase makers. I’m so drawn to products that are made by hand and proud to give them a platform. We see this area of our shop growing in the future.

3.      Vintage

I knew Brett was going to be my husband when we first met and he mentioned most of his furniture were deals scored at Estate Sales (thank you Jesus). We love the hunting for treasure and the unique character a vintage piece gives a room.

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite types of items put in your home? Do you like brand new pieces? Handmade? Or does vintage inspire you? Tell us in the comments below!