Our New York City trip: What we learned. What we loved

Our New York City trip: What we learned. What we loved

It's been 2.5 years since the NYC babymoon I backed out of at the last second and turned into a family trip to the beach instead. If you missed that story, it turned out great, different than planned, but so wonderful. You can read about it here.

The good news is that we finally made the trip last week—just the two of us!.

Carving out time for us as a couple is something we have to work hard at. Our marriage is a different breed.  Not many couples would even consider working together! But from day one, Brett and I have always felt we’re better together and we’ve intentionally built a life where work, parenthood and passion projects are all completely intertwined. We would rather brave the long days (and even longer bedtime routines) as a team, than apart. So, when we said yes to an NYC business trip I was hesitant to leave the boys and work behind. But I knew that sometimes, in the midst of the busyness, the best thing to do is to pause and play with the one you love.

I’m happy to report that my hunch was right! Even though it was just a few nights away, I feel like we both were able to come home energized and with a few new life insights.  Here’s a few of the highlights, if you’d like to read:

What we learned:

1. Going away is a great opportunity to regroup about goals.

It's been 6 years of hard work  to build our business and our family to where it is today. While it feels like every day is better than the next, our work life and family life often runs together. We learned that for us it's important to regroup and separate business goals from marriage goals.

2. It’s important not to neglect the things that make you you.

As a parent, it's easy to lose sight of the things that interest you and make you unique. Wandering the streets of New York, taking in every square inch of the lights, colors, textures and sounds made us aware of the small ways we neglect ourselves as individuals.

3. Sometimes you need to leave to come home again.

Even though I knew they would be fine without us, leaving them for multiple nights was hard.   But we learned that it’s nice to have a little healthy separation and take a deep breath.  The best part about leaving home is that iit makes you appreciate each other all the more when you  return and re-engage. There’s nothing better than the feeling of coming home again.

What we loved:

It wasn’t all deep thoughts and personal reflections! ;) Most of the time we just played and had so much fun.

If you saw any of our Insta stories, you’ll know that we experienced some amazing places, most of which, were recommended by you, our incredible online community.

If you’re headed to NYC anytime soon, definitely look up our favorites:

1. Prince St. Pizza - super tasty, always a line and always worth it.


2. The MET - an iconic, culture fix.


3. Public Hotel - the most amazing rooftop bar and smartly-designed rooms.


4. The Gramercy Hotel - the italian food restaurant Maialino, in particular. at in the bar and devour anything on the menu.


5. 547Barnard - the best TV Producer around (seriously) and amazing rooftop (invites only sorry).


Where are you off to and can we join?

Tell us where your next couple or family adventure will take you in the comments below.