No-Fuss Holiday Entertaining with Kids? We’ve got you covered!

No-Fuss Holiday Entertaining with Kids? We’ve got you covered!

At the beginning of every December we ask Santa to come over to our house and take pictures, read stories, sing songs and share with us all the happenings at Santa’s workshop. We call it our Santa Party, and it has become my favorite way to kick off the holiday season. In previous years, I’ve worked hard making food from scratch, over-decorating and leaving the house wide open for free play. This year, I created a few guidelines to keep me focused and ensure I could not only host the party, but also enjoy it. The outcome was better than I could have expected! For now (while the median age is 4 years old), the focus of the Santa Party is on the kiddos. I discovered that keeping the focus on them made it relaxing and enjoyable for us parents, and I thought I’d share some tips to host your own kid-centric party this season, if you’d like to see?

My top 3 tips for no-fuss holiday entertaining (for kids):

1.   Combine homemade and store-bought.

This year I gave myself a cup full of grace and decided half of the food for the party would be store bought. I felt uneasy about this decision for all of 30 minutes, as I come from a family of made-from-scratch cooks. Ultimately, though, I decided I wanted to lighten my load this year and I don’t regret it one bit. But, adding a few homemade items like chicken salad and chocolate chip cookies gives your entire spread an intentional touch without adding unnecessary stress. Cheers to that!

2. Identify someone who can act as your party “Cruise Host.”

    This saint of a friend or family member is the person who will maintain the flow of the party, get the kids started on yard games and keep you free to spend time with each guest. Chances are they’re the type of person who loves being organized and in charge, so they’ll be happy to help your party flow seamlessly! Win-win!

      3. Define your party space.

      If hosting stresses you out and suddenly makes you feel like you have to clean your entire home from top to bottom, fear not! You can designate your party space and only focus on making those places tidy and festive. Simply pick the rooms you want your guests in and make it clear those are the party spaces by setting up accordingly. Rearranging furniture not only accommodates more guests but also enhances the natural flow from room to room. Defining your party this way will allow you to focus your decorating efforts to just a few spaces and cut down on clean up time afterwards. ‘Tis the season for hosting on your terms!

      What sort of parties or events do you host at the holiday? Have any entertaining tips to keep us (and our readers) sane and merry this Christmas season? Leave a comment and share below