We get asked quite a bit to share details of the kitchen at #thecollectedcountryhouse. It’s nice to hear so many of you enjoy the design, so I’m excited to go a bit deeper into the process and thinking behind the design.

The build time for #thecollectedcountryhouse was unbelievably fast. Quite frankly, I didn’t know if we could actually finish the project that quick, but if we wanted a shot, we’d have to be super organized and have a clear vision. When it comes to designing space, I always start around the kitchen, where everyone gathers, connects and shares life. I strive to find a nice balance between function and atmosphere, there’s no reason to have one without the other, right? We designed #thecollectedcountryhouse as open concept with tall ceilings, so our goal for the kitchen was to bring warmth and interest into a big space.


Here are a few of our tips and tricks:

Custom designed cabinets

To bring warmth into the space, we had to hide the cold, shiny, metal-faced appliances. The microwave is tucked neatly behind closed doors and the fridge is camouflaged by a cabinet front. The vision was to create a charming kitchen with cupboards and clean lines. 

Neutral paint color 

Once I determined the tile and countertops (I’ll go into this more below), I selected a paint color. I was careful to avoid a color with pink undertones; however, I wanted it to read warm. I landed on Benjamin Moore “Edgecomb Gray.” This color is really the perfect balance of timeless and modern.

Mix countertops

Once the cabinets were designed, I started working on my countertop selection. We have subtle black accents throughout the house, so I continued this look into the kitchen by selecting a black granite.  Because our island is rather large, I felt a black countertop was a bit heavy so I decide to install “Black Mist” granite on the perimeter cabinets and "Statuario Venato" on the kitchen island. 

Hand painted tiles

I chose a hand painted tile for the backsplash that paired with both the cabinet color and the granite countertop. The backsplash is the true focal point of the kitchen, so I laid out the placement of each tile to keep the color gradient consistent.

Oversized light fixtures

There are many theories for light fixture measurements. My thought, bigger is better. I wanted the lighting to be noticeable, but not a distraction to the backsplash. I selected the Goodman large hanging lamp with a paper shade, to blend nicely and add warmth.

How have you created warmth and interest in your open concept kitchen? If you've got a tip to add to the list, send it our way!